Saturday, June 26, 2010

BEST ~ Wasp & Bee sting remedy EVER!

It's so simple and it works super quickly!

It's the best remedy ever for stings!

Have any of your children had a wasp or bee sting when you weren't at home, and all your usual remedies for dulling the sting aren't with you?

Our youngest daughter was stung by a wasp, under the length of her chin not once, but three times.

Welts became clearly evident instantly, growing before our eyes. Sometimes for some of our children, they can grow as large as golf balls, and the possible requirement for a spoon full of Benedryl is quickly often an end option, seeing how there has been allergies to bee stings in this family.

One woman with me insisted on a copper penny held on top of the welt.

Scrambling for my wallet, all I could find locate were the newer type of pennies, a metal alloy instead of real copper!

Two other women searched their wallets, and between them, we had three pennies to try out this guaranteed old wives sting remedy.

I also found bandaids in my wallet, something I always carry for anyone suffering from a blister requiring one while we are out. I opened all three, placed the pennies on the welts, and adhered them with the bandaids.

Without a word of a lie, when we checked on the welts half an hour later, they were gone! How long do those things usually hang on for in this family? Sometimes for a few days.... and voila, here they were (poof!) - gone.

Moral of the story here?

Always carry a few REAL copper pennies and bandaids with you.

Place them in a wee ziplock plastic pouch inside of your wallet and you'll be prepared for anything this summer. Maybe even poison ivy itch will be relieved with this, who knows?