Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two points a basket!

Two points a basket
..... the basketball basket net that is.

Take a few boys who are eager and willing to attend a full day of basketball camp, to learn skills and drills, playing games in between.

Take those same boys and offer them just a wee bit of sun, not too bad for their instructional play this day.

But then, add to that the unexpected highest humidity so far this year, and hottest day on record for this same day in all of history, and you end up with a bunch of cherry red faced boys tempted to land in the dead center of the water park located at the same vicinity.

And taking a very cold shower once at home later at days' end. Cherry face glowing in the dark by night.

Take those same boys again, and let them play on through the area's first ever known earthquake to strike and ripple from the Quebec border, the one felt all over Southern and Central Ontario.

And then hear about the tornado that touched down and wrecked a town nearby just a few hours later.

Wow, will we forget this day anytime soon?

I think not!


I love this sport myself.

I used to play it a long time ago, and can still get that ball into the basket today to score those even numbered - two points.