Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The first day of June

I wonder what it would be like to
live in a world where it was always June.

~ Lucy Maude Montgomery

Can you just believe it is JUNE already?

Where oh where did this season of spring go, though I can't say I mind heading full blown into summer ahead.

June - a time for many things;

  • The month for more medical appointments and pulmonary tests, big ones.
  • The month when most of the gardening carving is now complete, the sweat on our brows all worth it by the end of May. Photos are almost ready for my post to come.
  • The last month to enjoy outdoor activities before the eastern humidity levels rise and make outdoor activities more difficult for those suffering from lung medical issues.

  • The month when all the "Fry Guys" are out in force, so tempting to all passersby to stop for a few moments to nibble on terribly calorie ladened food (this guy is really good though, oh my)
  • The month when our children are seeing the tail end of their schooling, well sort of as we tend to continue with simple review all summer long.
  • The month for taking in zoo days, beach and water's edge respites, more hiking, long leisurely picnics, bonfires with hopes of seeing more fireflies (my husband saw his first ever the other night), working in our nature journals and for continual lounging in our new deck chairs where there is shade for quite some time on warm days.

  • The month when even more varieties of flowers come in to bloom, animals require extra attention with heat issues, and the bookstacks on my night stand are whispering my name.

  • June, the month of some of my favorite feast days takes place not to be taken for granted and plenty of prayers are being sent heavenward for the summer ahead.
  • June, the month two very dear friends will celebrate birthdays. Happy birthday to you! You know who you are...love you!

I love June!
Don't you?