Monday, June 14, 2010

Nature issues in summer

A scene through a portion of our trails at the back of our property, one in continuous need of detailing for all the growth surrounding it now that it has filled out.

On the hunt though, mostly closer to our home, we're on the lookout for these furry little fellows;

The Eastern Tent Caterpillar...

I've written about these crawlers before, on my post with the title - Fun with Nature #13.

You can view all about these creeper crawlers
HERE, see more photos and read all about how much vegetation they consume on one's bushes, shrubs and trees.

On the hunt, we're trying to capture or keep these multi-footed caterpillars off of our garden area and the trees nearer to the home.

They've managed to dine on these red bushes, much damage already showing on their leaves and stalk areas.

So, daily - we seek and hunt.

And then we keep a watchful eye to keep them from returning.

Is your geographical area loaded with these fellows?

What works for us to get rid of them then?

Our super duper concentrated garlic, sprayed on areas where these fellows roam, but most of all, along the circular areas of all trees and shrubs for that's where many nests seem to be exploding at present.

Here's hoping the population dies down for a bit of a reprieve for a time. :)

Let's hope...