Sunday, April 15, 2007

Aloha Bound - The joy of traveling with a baby.

Aloha Bound
Vacationing with a baby

Smiling little cherub

Ah, the joy of traveling with a wee babe!

Oh, the joy of watching the children’s faces, from the wee early morning hours when meeting and hugging at the airport, to the eventual so long at the end of our time out west. All of the children on our trip were super wonderful and were such a blessing to us all.

Sitting high and pretty

When traveling with a young child, a baby to be specific, there is no foretelling if they will become restless, feel the need for an immense adjustment to the new climate, or be frightened by the crowd of people living in close proximity all together in one large home.

Waking up after dozing on Nana

Lucky for all of us, we had a baby along on our trip who was not only delightful, but a joy to have with us. She was able to doze off when she needed to, participated happily in the few tourist tours she was taken on, and was also a pleasure for all daytime explorations, and nighttime sleeps. Upon occasion she woke up wondering where she was to be certain, however those times were few.

Baby love

Slowly she became accustomed to the sands at the shore, moving carefully about so not to trip and fall when stepping on a soft spot. She ate a bit of it, and realized it wasn’t good to consume. She became proficient with a shovel, dumping sand into a bucket, and eventually became very brave and wondered towards the water’s edge, dipping her toes in the ocean.


At the water's edge

We often wondered if she felt out of sync missing her two siblings who weren’t along for the trip, however she was such a little trooper, always smiling with cheek dimples lighting up her sweet cherub face and eyes twinkling at a moments notice.

Auntie love

Mama love

Daddy love

There was no shortage of love for her, many hands and arms gathered her tight for tender hugs and lovely moments together and many sets of eyes were able to keep her within view for safety.

Darting off getting her exercise

Yes, if you view past writings on our trip to Hawaii as a family, you can note other photos of this little gal to see for yourself; this wee babe was such fun to have along with the family.