Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning

Baby steps, one thing at a time...

Amongst the varied taxi service I provided all last week, an unusual abundance of carting family members to and from their activities, we managed to somehow get a bit of household maintenance completed.

A few lighting fixtures ready to be washed

We’ve been meaning to take all the lighting fixtures down from the ceilings since we moved in the house one year ago, finally coming to fruition this past week. After a sudsy cleansing in the dishwasher on the china setting with an extra rinse, actually several dishwasher loads later, all the fixtures are clean, and back in their places, thanks to our older son who was an excellent helper.

Preparing another load for cleaning duty

All the outer windows were washed and eaves troughs cleared from debris and a tennis ball shoved down one of the eaves retrieved, the water buildup poured out and currently the morning doves no longer bath in the plugged up eaves over our bedroom window anymore. It’s not that I’m particularly thrilled they might still be able to be there, preening and sorting their feathers out, rather they chose the oddest hours to do such a hygienic and laborious task, well before my eyes wished to open, shortly before dawn in fact.

There are many items around a home that seem to need attention when the warmer weather suddenly appears, so slowly but surely, all will be tended to in good order when I’m good and ready to accomplish them all. In the meantime, I’d skip chores in a heartbeat for another lounging around the fire outside. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.!