Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Musings

Breathe deeply and sip a latte!

When perusing the week at a glance on the family calendar, I felt myself quaking in my boots over all the activities listed for the first few days this week. I snickered at my title for this writing; "Monday Musings", as it may be more aptly named "Survival Monday" instead.

Yesterday was a beautiful day with sunny skies and a breezy wind blowing to freshen things up a bit. Three of the children went off to play a few hours of hockey, having a blast of course though the end result was a broken stick for the hockey boy beginning his new season TODAY of inline hockey. Great! Note to self; Buy new stick, but when? Our morning so far has included running to town a distance away to purchase new hockey sticks (yes double in case), and hubby wanted coffee as we'd run out. Run, run, run. This was the beginning of a fresh new week.

Tonight I will drive across to the end of downtown for the inline hockey first game, arriving early to gather our son's jersey and obtaining a schedule for the season. Hubby will stay at the game, while I fly back to the opposite end back towards our home to drop our daughter off for her horse riding lesson, back to the arena to quickly have son change into Cub Scout uniform and drop him off there, back to riding lesson to pick up daughter the other direction, back to son to pick him up after library drop offs, then back home. This round trip taxi service will last approximately 4 1/2 hours. Ah, I originally thought this would all be a breeze...."IF" all the other domestic side of things is taken care of ahead of time, though I hadn't expected to run out for a hockey stick this morning.

Veggie platter for brain food, stew beginnings..

Both hubby and I became fastened to the kitchen, piling heaps of food onto the counters from the refrigerator. He had plans to begin a beef stew for tomorrow in the crock-pot, and I had other plans. An overload of spinach has resulted in throwing it into every dish we design this day (smile).

To be; Spinach and Cauliflower soup, oh my!

Today we will have a beef stir fry with brown rice for lunch, trading our larger meal to noontime. A veggie platter was in good order to get the blood flow rolling in the brain for a successful school day around all the flurry of activity, and of course, there was a nutritious soup to begin. Overall, we are rolling with all the meals prepared and looking grand. This preplanning will advance all of us into an even keel, opting for some Monday survival of the fittest.

Stir fry and brown rice, on the way.
Oops, forgot to add celery and carrots.

Feeling in control is a good thing, all hands have been on deck since early this morning, changing rabbit cages, tending to other animals, and our laundry is on a roll with several loads already folded and placed away and piano practice already complete. Though this all sounds good and well, still, the men's shirts are hanging over the laundry room sink screaming to be ironed, two bathrooms want to be cleaned, but we are still feeling in control.

Okay that is all for now, off to have our dinnertime. Off to taste some of our morning works of labor.