Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sharp Shooters & Pool Sharks!

Sharp shooters and Pool Sharks!

It has happened!

It's happened and has filtered throughout our home!

While in Hawaii, the pool table and grand tournament has resulted in many eager pool enthusiasts within our home here in the east. In fact, a pool table would be high on hubby’s agenda because he’s particularly enjoying each challenge knowing two pool tables exist just around the corner at our local golf club pavilion.

Yes, I confess, he’s also dragged me into the sport, though I know not the handy dandy rules myself yet, nor can I claim to have the exact geometrically enhanced eye for each sharp shooter move, bouncing balls of sides, corners and pocket ringers. Where there’s a hockey player, pool would be an easy sport to blend into, always the thought of shooting off the boards for a rebound play.

Instead of a goalie, this sport has it’s pockets, six of them. Actually not to burst his ego or anything, I actually sunk the eight ball in the pocket last week, winning my very first game, confessing it to be a fluke event. Nevertheless, that's one to my credit...laugh. Usually I beg him not to raise another ball up out of the pockets when I sink the white ball, must learn not to shoot so hard and aim at the side of my target balls properly. (laugh)

Everyone here has the ability to play now, just for fun and we can only imagine the hours spent together in the future around such a table within our home, let alone when other family arrives for a vacation visit with us.

Rack em up for another round as the tournament
is tallied on the chart posted behind
the two guys on the wall.

Who will play the next round?

Drool gang! The thought has progressed higher on your father’s list, and all the children are working hard on him as well (wink)

He's good!

A Pool shark; The name granted to someone as a direct result of him/her taking a game of pool to heart in a competitive nature, working on his moves constantly, having a vision and flair with the ability to see the ball move in various ways before actually using a pool cue to shoot at the white ball. We have pool sharks in our family, several of them who hop onto the side of the table and place their cues behind their back for precision shots. If the balls never sunk into the pockets, I'd claim them to merely be showoffs, but they get them in....every time! Yes, I saw with my own eyes these sharks declaring "ahead" of time which ball they will sink, where I'm still at a level any ball hit is a good shot. Someday I suppose my aim will improve so I can envision angles and other intricate ways towards clearing off the table. For now I'm studying billiard rules from HERE and HERE hoping to improve my game little by little as time moves on and games can become more frequent. I cannot believe what great geometry this game is! Terrific!

Ready to play

Imagine, there are gadgets and gizmos plentifully available, one also including a laser powered pool cue to become a professional shooter. Uh boy…

Wave of the future..
Laser powered pool cues

Will you end up shooting at stripes or solids, tis the important question of the day. First though one must practice breaking the bunch of balls fresh out of the rack to begin the game play. Speaking from experience, having the eight ball (a solid) roll into the pocket is not a good thing in the beginning of a game…snickering.

Gallantly claiming; "Only for the brave my dear"...