Friday, April 06, 2007

The past creeps into the future!

The Warrior

A Deja Vu

Well folks, if this is not just a deja vu of tremendous proportions, I'm sure we aren’t blinking seeing doubles here. Yes, this is yet another son, filled with an adventurous spirit, always surprising us with his imaginative play.

He waltzed outside on this lovely day, dressed up and ready for the war cry, seeking out some incredible fast paced action, suddenly prancing about as he fought invisible vicious warriors all around him.

His wartime defensive movements were remarkably handled with ease, hard pressed as he proceeded to be most valiant in saving the world; bounding up onto the trampoline, twirling about, with feet movement only a dancer could appreciate. His sword was meticulously wheeling all around fending off the enemies until at last they retreated from the field.

Needless to say, he was most intimidating to me, looking ever serious in his role as commander and chief of the backyard war tribes.

No matter, we are so thankful for kids and their imaginations who triumph over all! Way to go Little Warrior!