Friday, April 06, 2007

File Cabinet project!

The time has come!

The time has come for us to get our organizational skills tended to, with the filing cabinet screaming for mercy. Yes folks, our filing system had gone awry and needed attention, though not a small task after our move out east. It was apparent “someone” turned things upside down when two of the filing cabinet drawers were accidentally removed and everything neatly filed in the catalogued system spilled all over the floor, necessitating a temporary cleanup with a promise to get back to it later.

It was a great disappointment, though other things were more important at that time to deal with. Therefore, “later” didn’t seem to come fast enough, so all week, we had a goal of tending to this organizational goal, baby steps at a time with all hands on deck.

Label maker

With the purchase of a new gadget, our files look almost professional with little hands capable of placing the typed labels onto colorful file folders, perfect for a visual coding at a glance to assist us when something is needed in a hurry – like right NOW during Tax Time. What a lovely time of year, gathering all the receipts and forms, placing them all gently and neatly into a file folder to take to the accountant.

Working hard, baby steps day by day!

There is something so rewarding and empowering when things are in good order. This is a work in progress, slowly taking shape as we burn old files no longer needed. As well, there’s something important in passing along the example to children on the need to remain organized and clutter free. If I could only say the same thing about other areas of our home, I’d be laughing and kicking up my feet on a footstool celebrating such great deeds. For now, we are happy with our progress and are celebrating the success of “baby steps” in forging through this weekly project.

How do you like my new gadget?