Friday, April 06, 2007

Hockey fun in spring

Easy come, Easy go!

As the winter hockey season came to a close,
another season was upon us!

It's a wrap boys!

Never fear though, as ice hockey (and soon inline hockey) has begun in earnest once more, fresh and new with full gear donned for play on the ice. No this is not the winter season repeating itself, rather a spring team for playing in a three on three league, something akin to a fast paced, continuous movement for the players involved, necessitating a bit of rest on the bench in between their play on a full sheet of ice at the arena.

Number 91 this time, couldn't get his usual #10.

Not only are the teams shortened with nine players and a goalie only, the need to “move” and skate hard are always at hand, with great attention to stick handling, puck and stick practice and commitment to the team.

The first two games were at a roaring speed, only a half hour apiece, and our son was able to secure six goals and seven assists between the two.

He’s thrilled with the variety the game offers him as a player, and the challenge of an even greater caliber of play with all the team members involved for sure.

I’ve always been instructed to “follow the puck” with my eyes, but I think I went cross-eyed a few times attempting to follow it as it went zinging around the arena!


Game on!