Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thinking and praying...

Surgery for Roger

Today as I type this writing up, our son in law Roger is undergoing an operation on his knee, an operation he's been waiting on for two years now. Living with pain has been a lifestyle while waiting for his surgical number to be called, as he has also experienced three other surgeries on his knees before. He's used to, though not enjoying omitting favorite loved sports which has been a stressor knowing what the end result would be if he should become injured.

Today he is having his MCL and ACL completely re-connected and the cyst which formed to buffer the knee joint, removed all together. Though he will be released from hospital the same day as the surgery later today, he'll be expected to maneover along on crutches, the rehabilitation will take anywhere from 4-6 months, perhaps even longer. With a career as a Commcerial Mechanic, this means the family financial picture will be affected as he expects a possible 2-4 months off work and anywhere from 2-4 hours of a physiotherapy per day, or every other day.

Thinking of him, praying for him, we ask you too to join in.