Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Roll on!

Another successful entry into the wonderful world of inline hockey occurred last evening for our youngest son. Choosing the number ten for his jersey, he wasn’t able to obtain his favorite number seventeen, though ten would be following in several older brother’s footsteps.

Happy to be involved in another season

It was amusing to be a spectator in the stands and become acquainted with the orange teammates, watching, imitating, showing off too, as they all attempted to define their particular skills before the game was under way. The goalie finally appeared, held his position in the center front of the net, and shots were subsequently being fired towards him from every angle. Each youngster was giving out high fives, skating about proudly and smiling with sweet happy faces for all to see how much they enjoyed the opportunity to get out on the floor again this year.

Team chat

Yes, inline hockey is BIG in the east! Very big! The question of the day remains for all hockey enthusiasts, whether or not to choose inline hockey for spring/summer or continue on with ice hockey for a spring session to remain in good shape. There is another matter to take the whole entire game up another notch, for an incentive to play harder in an upper caliber specialty league who would try out for a competitive travel team for inline hockey, ultimately traveling to this year’s NARCH tournament in Florida. Wow, that had meaning for our family; imagine that being something the children here could be involved in as well.

Overall, this young man had a grand time, though admittedly needs a bit of direction for remaining in his playing position, sometimes skating all over the arena instead of where he should be. There could just not be a seriousness to the game with this son having so much fun all the time and his feathers were never ruffled by regrets following his playing performance, something many other players need to learn with an attitude check often.

Atta boy!

Play hard, have fun, and then get your older brothers to teach you how to remain in position during the game play. Notice the new stick….wink!