Sunday, April 01, 2007

In search of a particular painting!

The story of the painting!

We have a penchant for sunsets...

This past week we headed for our local shopping mall where my husband was to purchase a new pair of pants which were currently on sale at a store in one end of the building, and I was to proceed to the other end, for the purpose of registering children into the upcoming inline spring hockey league.

A few days later, my husband announced he would like to return to the shopping mall, as he had noticed a painting displayed in a window shop he had admired and thought about all week long, as remarkably perfect in its representation of us. At first I shuddered to think ($$$) as the last time he had a penchant to obtain a new painting we were not married yet, and his taste in artwork was somewhere around the four thousand dollar mark. Needless to say, we never bought that painting!

Therefore, yesterday when we were already in the area running children around to their weekend sporting activities, we dropped by the art boutique where the painting had been, but there was a wee problem – it had been sold! The kind woman at the sales counter could see my husband’s obvious fluster when he carefully inquired into the painting he’d seen, asking if they might be able to order in another. Luckily she gave a great piece of information to him, noting the exact same painting was available at their other store, though it had been mounted on to different colored frame. She also explained it was a rare piece, and to save us some time, when we entered the other location, we should ask the clerk to point out where the painting titled (are you ready?) – “The Anniversary” was hiding to ease our browsing efforts. We both looked at each other, faces slowly draining in color knowing what was on one another’s mind.

She announced the title, shocking us to bits!

(click this to see its details..)

After a momentary recovery period, off we went in search of the now all-absorbing curiosity I hadn’t even seen as yet, but knew it had to be sincerely important if my husband wanted to pursue it this badly, and with the announcement of the title, I knew right there and then, as we gathered our wits about us, we’d likely buy it this day. By this time I fully trusted his judgment on this one, sight unseen.

He had already envisioned perfect for us.

The other store did indeed have the painting still available. We requested a 24 hour possible display time frame at home to view it where we were wanting to display it formally. Soon afterwards, we traveled back with the cherished piece, tried it out in the bedroom where my hubby had already envisioned it being, and voila! – Perfect! We hung it on a hook already present just to see how we liked it with the darker frame against the blue wall paint. There was no contest at all, so with hammer in hand, a hook was immediately secured into the hanging spot to hold this beauty.

Never in a million years would I have guessed a painting unique to our love of sunsets and being at the water’s edge would permeate our thoughts such as this one. As well, no artist name is noted on the painting, though the title is known. If anyone can find out for us, we'd love to credit the painter's name, truly appreciating this fine work perfect for us.

Yes folks, this is indeed US!