Friday, April 06, 2007

Springtime blessings

Oh the joy of spring,
and the birth of new life!

This week at the horse barn where the girl's riding lessons takes place, wide eyes met two lovely surprises awaiting them when entering the doors this past week.

This little filly was bouncing all around.

It was so exciting for them to see two new foals, merely a few days old, already up on their feet and looking beautiful. Two thoroughbred horses bore these two foals, a male and female likely to be raised on the premises.

This little colt was not so lively, a very sleepy fella.

The owner was thrilled to share this excitement with the girls especially when she was told by our youngest daughter, they'd never really been around new foals before now. I have a funny feeling about this, as more time is being offered to "visit" the stalls.

Mama taxi, here I come!