Monday, April 16, 2007



The long awaited weekend project was underway this past Saturday, steaming forward full steam ahead. Both boys and hubby were at the helm, the boys becoming “gophers” for the afternoon project walking to and from the barn with many winter items now capable of being stored elsewhere for a time. Everything was removed and resorted before resting upon its final assigned spot. Brooms and dustpans swished back and forth, a shop vac sucked up debris, the indoor central vacuum system emptied of its contents, and all items were redistributed showing off the very clean concrete flooring afterwards. Oh, so nice!

With many sport devices, sports equipment and two vehicles, the job was overdue for organizational peace of mind, items needed to be organized and storing methods overhauled. Yes, we have our very own “sportsville”, with attempts being made to use the shelving units we used to have in our backyard shed. In our former home, we were used to having custom built-in shelving and a huge workbench the length of the garage wall. It’s amazing how much more one can store in an orderly fashion with those types of built in shelving affixed onto the walls around the inside perimeter of the garage. Until such a time as we decide upon this method once more in the future, the work project was underway and very successful in by the end of the time upon its completion.

Hockey trees are necessary!
Hockey stick collections encroach everywhere.

Happy is the dad whose tools are organized! Except I see the level still on one sporting goods shelf...oops.

Happy is the mom who doesn’t trip over scattered items along the garage floor from untidy shelving spilling out and brimming over all over the place!

Happy are the children whose items aren’t spilling all over when another sibling is the cause of it, and happy are the children who have their own items necessary for their sporting events arranged in good order.

Happy is the family when “sportsville” tidiness results in a smile on everyone’s face!