Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another birthday boy today!

Birthday Blessings To Our Son

Celebrations are terrific around the family table, living room or a festivity including other family or friends.

Today we cheered on our son who turned ten years old, one week exactly after his older brother celebrated his own birthday, now he is formally a double-digit number in the scale of life’s timeline.. He shared with us this was a very special day, for he feels so much older now. In turn we teased him by mentioning he looked the same as yesterday, but in the future, he will never be a single digit number in age again.

There was a potluck after church today with the parish, so one of the things we brought along was a cake for all to enjoy. Two days ago we bought a delicious ice cream cake for both the boys together when the older one preferred to wait a bit for his cake, so the boys shared it together. Rather than have the cake dedicated solely for the birthday boy today, we included other intentions of the day into the fun; the priest’s own birthday and all the successful First Communion candidates who were being tested by the priest as well, one being our youngest daughter (she passed by the way - huge grin!). It seems we've been celebrating all week long with birthdays, cake, more cake, breakfast with mom and dad for the birthday boys, and more. Wow, what a party!

“Best wishes to all” became the slogan instead, though both he and our priest blew the candles out together. Soon after a rip roaring game of baseball tugged everyone outdoors for fun and exercise before heading home five hours after we had arrived. What a great time we all had! Once home later on, he was able to open a few beloved gifts, eager and so very thankful to everyone.

What's a birthday without some ice cream,

... a whole cake of it!

When I shared in the last birthday son’s post about not being able to have children when we desired to, this son came into our world 5 ½ years after his older sister. Wow, what a long time we had to wait for this son’s arrival into our family! All were so very happy when he did finally arrive though believe me! With big sister living away from home, working and attending university, she called home often just so he could hear her voice and know her. So very sweet! Then, his big brother was drafted to play hockey away from home, quite a way from home when he was only a few months old. Yes, times were changing in our family, shifting gears for all remaining in the family nest. It was a huge adjustment for all.

For the record, this was the only pregnancy in all eight where something natural from start to finish happened, the only child not forcefully induced, coming on his own from start to finish in just over two hours after the waters broke. A few minutes after midnight, placenta waters broke and landed all over the floor. Not having had this situation with the other six children, my hubby froze and wondered what to do next. He bounded from bed and called the hospital to get a wise word from the nurse, as I sat laughing hysterically from the bathroom. No contractions began for an hour, but by then we headed into the hospital and he was born just over an hour later. In shock from the short labour and time in the building itself, we both sat dumbfounded at this new little miracle making himself quite comfortable in our arms.

We stayed up all night just adoring our new babe.

Our new baby with his family

This child, just like our others has a story unique to him, one we’ve not shared with too many before now. When just a few mere weeks old, he was quite fussy one evening and was having difficulty settling down. A few hours had transpired with no luck for this little fellow to get some well-deserved rest, when I finally placed him gently into our stroller I kept in the kitchen. While rolling him back and forth with my foot, I continued with my paperwork at hand on the table easily within reach of him if he needed a wee pat or a loving touch. His older brother was in the kitchen with me having a snack, while everyone else already tucked away in bed, and my hubby was out of town.

Just my uncle and me...

When he was beginning to settle down finally, the moaning and whining stopped. His older brother came our way with food in hand, glancing down at him and chatting a moment when he realized his baby brother’s eyes were open, but he was non-responsive when our older son’s hand moved back and forth across his open eyes. I was unaware that he had opened his eyes at all and caught the scene, suppressing a panicked scream in my throat. I picked up our baby realizing he was still unresponsive, eyes open, and in one quick motion, his older brother instinctively began to scream his name as loudly as he could, while I turned him over and patted him greatly to get him out of whatever he was doing. Our baby’s eyes seem to quickly roll back, suddenly taking a deep gasping breath of air, and then he began to cry again. I held him close, examined him greatly, and realized I had no vehicle at my disposal to have him checked out. His pulse seemed normal, temperature normal, but both older son and I wondered what in the world had just happened. As if in shock, and using some common sense, I did call the hospital to explain what we had just experienced asking (begging) for any advice they could give to me. For the most part the advice I was given was to monitor him for the next several hours, and if it happened again get to the hospital for medical observation.

A mother knows when something was too strange for words. A mother knows when her child just needs to be near. This child was with me all night long, laying with me in bed, nursing when he wished to, but I wasn’t going to sleep a wink! No way! In fact, the protective instinct was so severe; I never slept for two nights in a row, afraid it would happen again if I did. I was a fatigued and exhausted basket case after that, and the daytime hours were difficult for fighting catnapping temptations. I shudder to think I may not have had this child today if his older brother did not bend down exactly when he did, to alert me to the situation which occurred in a split second!

So, this child, this blessing of a son became one very special fellow for some time, and holds a dear place in our hearts just like the rest of his siblings. Turning ten today makes me wonder where the time has gone.

Just eighteen months after his own birth, his sister arrived and he was so delighted with her, his new friend and special buddy. He became so protective of her, and attempted to become the man of the house before two years old in such as way as this. It was funny to see him tend to her needs, his little pal. He has such a tender heart, cares so deeply for all his family that he has to be calmed down at times for the passion he exudes. He tries to be “all boy”, Mr. Macho Man, and yet underneath it all, he’s a very sweet and wonderful boy.

There’s always been a child who seems to get into the most trouble; this one was walking in the footsteps of his older brother Adam. Where there was something to be curious about, he was there in the midst of it all. Where trouble was, he was there. But in it all when I would ask him, “what were you thinking?”, his answers were surprisingly logical. Soon though no matter if he were in the center of mischief or far from it, it seemed as though he was often blamed for things he never did or was not even involved in. Amazing how that happens, a blemish in the reputation for all eternity seems to follow children like this around, which is so unfair.

Where there needs to be compassion, his tender heart would lead others to feel the same and react upon their emotion following him on his course to something greater. A whiz at so many things, he has so many talents and gifts to offer. In the future, I’m very much looking forward to another man of the house when his older brother (the sixteen year old) leaves home someday, another son to place his chin upon the top of my head and hold me close. Like the book, I would hope he remembers the special moments we had reading; “I’ll love you forever” by Robert Munsch, when the little baby boy was sung the tune below by his mother each evening, and then as he grew and his mother aged, he later had her on his knee in her olden age and sang the song to her in return. So very touching!

"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
as long as I'm living
my baby you'll be."

As the time rolls on, and each day passes, it always amazes me how much love a mother feels for each of her children. Like special packages, they arrive with great care, grow with the help of families who adore them, and each has their very own place in our hearts. For me being a mother, there has never been a time when too many children became a problem with the love I had to offer each one. As the family grows, so too does the fountain of love one is blessed withto groom the many children along the path to double-digit land and beyond.

This photo always makes me giggle, as he pointed to is and announced; "That was a good hair day!" to all... snicker, snicker. Out of the mouths of babes, where did he get that from?

Happy Birthday Son!

One decade old today, and a bright and sunny future ahead of you to go

…God willing.

We love you!