Friday, May 04, 2007

Fine weather brings great things.

The Merry Month of May

The merry month of May brings great sunshine weather, trees budding and flowers blooming, thunder showers beginning, baby animals, may pole dancing, outdoor sporting events, and liturgically this is the month of Mary for us.

This merry month provides us with a great desire to get outdoors and work in the garden, and slowly but surely accomplishing the ever-growing list of “to do” items. The weather this past week has been most co-operative, sunny, and lovely to cross the threshold of the back doorways to waltz outdoors.

Today I was able to wash all the interior windows down and tomorrow all the screens are going to be washed, scrubbed, sun dried, and then replaced to their original holdings. My it’s amazing to see the window pane so clearly!

Two weeks ago we hired a company to clear the eaves troughs and they also washed windows. Naturally with the outside of the windows sparkling clean, it showed the grim and grunge on the inside, so this is a job I’m pleased to be able to tick off my long list.

The animals notice the weather changes, the promise of finer weather patterns and are so pleased to see cyclists up and down the road again, and walkers taking their daily strolls. It’s as if the entire neighborhood has come alive again, drifting from their dens and caves to see the sun and be out of doors like we preferred to be this week.

The dogs were not too pleased or content when the lawn mowers and weed eaters were all fired up last weekend and then again yesterday. The noise had them begging for mercy, showing some just let me at em type of behavior with much barking ensuing, not ceasing at all while the noisy items were present near their play area. As we moved about the fencing perimeter, both dogs followed jumping up and down, barking incessantly until we were no longer a threat moving away into another area. With the increase of heat they mellowed out once the small child sized pool was inserted into their play area, both not sure about it at all at first, perhaps a huge water bowl, likely not having a good memory of all these new things since they were wee pups last summer.

The bunnies were greatly pleased to get outdoors, dancing and prancing their way through the freshly cut grass when taken for a walk with their harnesses on. Both bunnies darted off scrambling about, jumping all over the place, and taking time to sniff out the clover they thought a scrumptiously delicious snack.

With both rabbits outdoors, it didn’t take long for the two of them to notice one another and scurry towards each other’s company for a sniff and a grand hello darling, as one is male, the other female…if you can catch my drift. The girls learned much from this little nose to nose visit, and sudden pulls away to venture to other areas separately. Biology doesn’t necessarily only happen in textbooks, and certainly any farmer can attest to this type of study first hand being more valuable than any story. snicker.

One son became self motivated when outside, deciding it was time to tend to a few spring projects. This past week, he removed all the decking and patio furniture from its storage place, washed and scrubbed it all to a shine, and then placed where it would remain and belong through until the fall season. Since we all know one thing leads to another, and with the barn suddenly opening up with a new spaciousness, our daughter decided it was time for a thorough cleaning of the building. She removed most items and gathered, swept and cleared items for a great organizational feast for my eyes anyway. Both jobs were well done.

The landscapers will arrive tomorrow to begin a few heavy labour projects we’ve saved for this year, so that is so exciting for us to see this last unfinished area into completion.

Moreover, I must share with you the funny joy of finding someone by fluke who would like the remaining bricks stored away on palettes at the side of the yard, those we pulled off the old driveway last summer. Yes, we are finally going to rid our property of those remains, but I would image we’ll all be flexing our muscles again to assist in moving them all to their new home.

Lastly, what’s a newsy update without also mentioning the great new addition of a brand new Starbucks in our area, the very first franchise less than one hour away from us! Yes sir, surely they have a grand array of icy cold coffee drinks, or icy tea sippers to tempt us into their grand opening week beginning early next week near us. wink