Monday, May 14, 2007

Are you an "Apron Mom"?

National Apron Day Today

**All over the internet, this is the press release all bloggers were asked to pass around. Though a wee bit late, get into the act yourself in your home and have a blast with this idea...

Press Release

Right now, women across the United States and the blogosphere are searching thrift stores, ebay, and their mother's linen drawers for aprons to wear May 14th. Some are making their own. Wearing their aprons inside and outside of their homes, Apron Moms will celebrate their pivotal role in making a house a home.

As the search for domestic bliss continues, a search that includes cleaning and decluttering, cooking tasty nutritious meals, educating children, and the care and feeding of husbands, women will celebrate the difference they make in the lives of their families. They know an apron is like a uniform that conveys authority, unconditional regard, and motherly wisdom all at once. Apron Moms know aprons are about cooking and cleaning but they are also about emotional availablity, hospitality, and femininity.

On Monday, May 14th, apron wearing women will drop children off at school, go to the post office and grocery store, and greet their families at the door wearing their aprons. Some will go to their work outside of the home. But regardless of where they spend most of their day, they will post pictures on their blogs of the places they boldly wear their aprons.

There will be a virtual cocktail party at 5pm CST to giggle about our experiences, to toast the internet's role in bringing us together, and to plan next year's Apron Mom March on Washington.

Check out the party over at Kitchen Madonna's blog HERE to see all the fun!

And now a word from the
author of this of course !

Don't you just love the quote above highlighted in green in the press release above? I've displayed a few photos showing some of our beloved aprons here, many more of course not shown or simply because the photos didn't turn out well. My little photography helpers do try hard

Did you know today is the official day set aside for "National Apron Day"? Do you own an apron and use it, or own an apron (or several) and not use them. Interesting how this entire quote above in the press release highlighted in green, can affect our families and what we envision in our minds always leaves a memory of something great.

We LOVE our aprons in this home!

Two daughters = same apron

Holly Hobbie is still here!

Another favorite

  • I remember my grandmother always wearing an apron when she made her famous "crepes", saving her clothing from bits of oil spitting from the pan when pouring her batter into the hot pan. My own mother wears aprons often, mostly to also save her clothing from getting dirty when in the kitchen.
My mother and daughter together in the kitchen
  • When my daughters were younger (and still now), most grabbed an apron when appropriate, and we’ve acquired an entire collection of them to date, some too small for most of them, but they are still much cherished possessions.
  • A friend had a lovely idea one year to create wonderful and most practical aprons as gifts for all her friends. She called it the year of the apron…smile
Christmas baking apron
  • Our oldest granddaughter gave me an apron one year, one she made prints on herself. What fun!

Apple of Nana's Eye!

  • My husband wears an apron much of the time when cooking in the kitchen or outdoors on a fair weathered day using the BBQ.

My hubby is wearing his favorite "guy apron".

  • One year I created and published my own versions of heritage cookbooks on my computer for all of our children, pages of recipes filled with scanned photos of the children at various ages cooking in the kitchen.

The boys had aprons and chef's hats to match

At the end of the book, I wrote an article on my thoughts of aprons, something I felt important enough to include in the book. Although the recipes for this particular cookbook only included those items useful for afternoon teatime we were enjoying immensely; scones, biscuits, cookies and other such fare our children remember well as treats and scrumptious nurturing rituals, but again, an apron is a very useful and practical item.

So much stitching on one gingham apron!

  • The best place to acquire wonderful ones is at thrift stores and garage sales. Those aprons that are soft with wear and have pretty flowered designs around the edges are fabulous to wear, taking note that once upon a time, some other woman wore the apron to serve her family, wiped her hands as she worked and baked the next meal for her family in the home, kept her own clothing clean and offered comfort and the promise of good food in that clothing item alone. Some famous and very saintly woman used to wear an apron all day long to protect their clothing, and when life was very hectic with many little children in the house surrounding them, they would throw their apron over their head as a sign to the children to leave mommy alone for a bit. It worked too!
Same apron = Two daughters

Everyone's ready to bake!

There is no other item of clothing more beautiful than a woman or girl wearing an apron, proving it to be functional and fun to own a few in funky colors, or heritage keepsakes. I treasure my aprons, and particularly find myself weak when finding a lovely one in a thrift store with batiste fabric and embroidery, gingham with chicken scratch stitching, or even quilting that was embellished in dainty ways simply with the use of a needle and thread. Those are just precious to hold and behold.

The daintiest of all..

  • Over time, you can learn to treasure such things just like I have, I promise.

Have a happy day, grab an apron and feast with the blogging community around the world....