Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's here! It's here!!!!

Mystery Box is HERE!

The huge box at the post office wasn't going to be carted home on the back of my bicycle, or the other children's along for the ride with me yesterday. Whatever could the huge box the postal clerk pointed to on the floor in the backroom be? I wondered, then assured the woman I'd be back soon with the van to pick it up.

As I cycled home, there were thoughts of parcels we were expecting, leaving me to believe any of those items were possible. Something triggered my thoughts and when leaving the bicycle at home, and driving back with the vehicle, two daughters along for the ride, I knew it had to be a parcel the older daughter was expecting, however we thought sure it would come by a courier to the door.

The box was so huge, the postal worker had us meet her at the docking area to hand it over. It was packed into the van, hauled home and the name it was addressed to was indeed this daughter's. What could it be? I already knew, and so did she, and so did her little sister who loved to hop on the bandwagon.

The package was hauled to her bedroom of all places, strange, though a beloved spot only for a moment. It was going to the barn next door soon, and with that hint, can you now guess what it could be?

Note her closet doors these days.

An English saddle, and the whole nine yards were removed, unpackaged and assembled with such excitement and furry, all got into the act. How fun to watch the faces of those eager gals, and one brother! She's been saving her money for quite some time, and this is one purchase she's made as an investment for the upcoming month.

Our neighbor has invited her to lease her cousins' horse, board it next door for a very small minimal fee, while completing the stall duties each day as well for a deep discount. In exchange the horse is hers to groom, love, and ride. Its owner is not available for some time to take care of it, so this is a prime opportunity for her to use it as a trial learning experience. The horse is named Oakley, seven years old and very loveable. It was pasturing here last summer, one of the horses the girls admired and fed at the fences. Perfect!

The saddle was thrown over the wide arm of a chair, and little sister hopped on!


All the goodies are in her hands
with a big grin on her face.