Friday, May 18, 2007

The Golf Lesson

The First Golf Lesson

We have a terrific golf course nearby offering many instructional programs this summer. Holding the course brochure in my hand, I asked all the children to come to the living room wanting to share the information with them to feel them out with thoughts of this sport.

“Heh everyone! Given the fact we practically live next door to a fantastic golf course, how about a few golf lessons as exposure, to see if you actually like the sport?” I asked one day.

“Ahhhhh mom”; says older son, snickering and shaking his head.

“Ahhhhh mom”; says older daughter, shrugging shoulders and rolling eyes.

“SURE,” replied in unison both younger son, and younger daughter in unison, smiling faces and all.

Comforting the older ones, I continued…

“Just think if you like the sport, you can walk to play or use the driving range with each other.”

“But I don’t like golf” the older ones sound in unison.

“How do you know?” I asked

“I played golf a few years ago with my older brother,” says the older son “I know it’s not for me” (me trying not to snicker in the background, he only shot a few balls at a driving range and tried a putting nine hole game at a much younger age).

“I just hate the sport,” says the older daughter

“Have you ever tried it”; I asked

“No, but it looks boring and dumb”; says the older daughter

“Why not give it a try, and then if you like it, it’s something new to balance the sports in your life, and on the flip side, if you hate it, you can say you tried it and it just wasn’t for you. In the future should someone ask you out to golf, you would have some knowledge of the game should you choose to play, right?” I asked Also, we do have three acres for driving balls if you only want to continue with that right. (Also giving the reminder there were 83 golf balls in our backyard when moving into this home attached, so our yard is perfect for practice.)

“I guess so”; they both said

First stop, the pro shop to meet the instructor
and find out which hand they will play.

Right or Left?

Yesterday they commenced their first golf lesson. We waited the morning to see if the lesson would be cancelled as rain threatened to pour on us, yet as the time crept up for the lesson, it was still blustery though the skies seemed to clearn.

The instructor shared with me they were both very fast learners, and he found very early into the lesson they were also quite competitive with one another moving along quickly. When our son had a few lovely strokes and the ball went into the hole, not to be undone, his sister shot two balls back to back, both headed and landed straight into the holes. Aha...

Learning to putt and use the contour of the land.


A bucket of balls offers a whole lot of fun!
We have those at home, a bucket full!

Shooting up the slopes

Aiming for the next assigned hole's red flag

Okay, so younger son is signed up for a six week course titled “Monday morning rug rats”, and the older two are signed up for three private golf lessons, moving onward from there is they choose to. Younger daughter opted for a summer horse camp but will have her brother teach her everything he learns in our backyard.