Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Comfort foods.

Comfort foods = A food or a drink someone turns to habitually for a temporary respite, security or a special reward. While any foods or beverages could be a comfort food depending on a person's taste, there are few foods that might be considered "universally" accepted comfort foods.

Common sense dictates mama's great homemade soup is always something to consider for "comfort", especially on a stormy day. And we had a storm of storms yesterday, one beginning the storm season to come with temperatures plummeting from 29 degrees to 13 degrees in half an hour! The steam rising from the road creating havoc for commuters attempting to navigate through torrential and flash flood downpour. Just as a thick fog casts a warning to slow down, so too does the type of mist rising from the heat on the pavement and sidewalks. Like an eerie part in a movie, the stage was set for tucking in at home with a nice hot bowl of soup, fresh baked buns, ending with a good book or feature film.

Here's the soup of the day; Turkey Vegetable Noodle.

As I'm on the topic of "comfort foods", I want to mention the sweetness of something opposite to a mother's cooking. As the children grow and become proficient in the kitchen working their way around recipes and delightful meal making, all of our children have graduated to become cooks who can fend for themselves at any given moment whenever the need arises to fill their bodies with nutritious fare. Each though became known for the "comfort foods" they could provide for the family during their assigned weekly meal making tasks, and nothing has changed in that department even today. Of the many developed, we think fondly of morning hot crepes, johnny cake, homemade chicken pot pie, chicken in roasting pan (grin), and many other delightful yummies!

Our birthday boy has become known as the 'banana bread maker', boasting about how fluffy and light his bread turns out, and how high it rises while baking. Today we enjoyed another loaf of this fine creation, something to be a companion to a nice hot cup of coffee. Now to teach him how to change the fruit around, or get into making zucchini breads with the future harvest of our garden to come...