Friday, May 11, 2007

The grand finale of the yard project.

The grand finale is now complete

Our landscaping company workers we hired were just fabulous! In the end they wondered if we thought maybe they were too slow in completing the outlined project, following the blueprint plans created by their coworker for revamping our garden areas and installing rock walls along perimeters of flower beds.

All of these photos below are 'AFTER' shots, so you can compare them with the previous writing's photos to see the dramatic changes made. The trouble is visualizing all the plants back up to their former heights, much of the foliage reused needed a serious trimming and nurturing, and we mean trimmed! Most of the four foot bushes are but four to five inches at present, whoa.

Lovely! Just what we envisioned!

Walkways to the tap and the
electrical and gas meter boxes.

I almost began to laugh aloud when this was mentioned! For us, we continually caught glimpses of these young men pushing along wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow, super exhausting and tiring heavy grunge work, for four solid and very full days. Not only did they transfer the truck loads of new soil and bark mulch around to all garden areas, they also flexed their muscles to transport small rock for the one bed nearest the air conditioner, five huge boulders to add embellishment to the beds until the smaller foliage takes shape, the heavy rock for the outer edging of the center and smaller gardens in front, and then there were four huge nine foot trees to plant at the side in the back near the deck. Add to this several two-gallon pots of flower bushes, a willow tree, ornamental grasses, hostas and assorted others, and these guys won’t ever need to hit the gym after work all summer long!

The young men were fabulous, knowledgeable, kind, and polite. They were also very tidy, always taking care to take everything away when wrapping up at the end of each day. What more could one ask for?

They greeted us daily, smiled and worked together in an efficient and prolific manner. They were educated in abundance knowing all the foliage names in both Latin and English, assisting us greatly with the remaining “unknowns” here on our property.



Those trees lining up and down the driveway, such a mystery to all we asked for help, turned out to be Bartlett pear trees, an ornamental variety which will all grow up to forty feet tall! At this time they have lovely white blossoms filling their branch space, and we cannot help but admire them with their showy beauty.

(with ornamental grasses and easy care)

Alas the deed is done, and only a few remaining steps are necessary to enjoy a more maintenance free property this summer….except for the lawn cutting of course. The old garden bed was rototilled to fluff up the soil, and I’ll be taking a few helpers out tomorrow afternoon to rake the soil and throw grass seed onto it, less of course the designated vegetable garden area I’ll be keeping in the bottom left corner of the old garden bed. Actually the former owners kept this space as an active vegetable garden, but if you take a peak at the photo below, you can also see we still have another garden bed in the top left of the property. It's filled with raspberries, strawberries and flowers, yielding much for us. We'll be cleaning that all out as well in the near future.



There we will conduct much science and biological learning, smelling and tasting the fruits of our labors. Again, there will be children who sneak outdoors and munch on fresh garden delights for sport, thinking their mother doesn’t know about such games from the rest of the gang before them. Oh to have a child become tempted by green string beans, baby carrots, chives, radishes and other assorted greens. Snicker…though I haven't mentioned to them yet the fact they'll be sharing the booty with the family, the winged population nesting nearby and the rabbits running about in the wee early morning hours with their own morning meals. I think I'll let them discover this themselves.