Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Little Pony

My Little Pony!

Our younger daughter has resumed her horse riding lessons once more, after her many activities have now begun to trickle down to something more normal. She joins her older sister in the riding ring and is more than thrilled to be back!

This week the weather allowed for the lesson to take place in the outdoor paddock, and what a lovely change it was from the bitter cold indoor riding all winter long. This young gal’s assigned horse was a pony named Chester, one she had already ridden before and one so small and so cute, it was just her size. Our older daughter however was able to ride and experience a new horse to the barn, an seven-year-old "Chestnut Gelding" named “Montana” and what a lovely horse he was! One other gal was with them this week though she moves away and won’t be continuing lessons any longer, leaving the two sisters together weekly from now on.

One of the new foals was prancing about in the paddock next to the riding lessons, curiosity gaining momentum as the foal peaked through the fencing upon occasion, until his mother would direct him away again.

When the lessons were over, the girls removed the horse’s tack and spent a longer than normal time inside the barn grooming the shedding hair from the horses bodies. A slight traffic jam in the barn with four horses being groomed made for an interesting congestion in the hallways, however with the breezy air filtering through the doorways, no one seemed to mind.

With a big wide grin on her face, our younger daughter made her way back to the van, very satisfied with her “horse fix” for the week, that is until tomorrow when they watch the horse “Daisey” next door continue to get broken in by its owner, our neighbor.