Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dear John

A Thank You Note...

Dear John;

Thank you for coming into our life just in time, positively saving the day from any more frustration we might encounter here at home.

What a marvelous greeting everyone fully anticipated on giving you, as many eager eyes were glancing out the windows, watching and trying to be very patient on when you would make your appearance. Once the arrival announcement was sounded, I’m sure you had no idea what was happening in the house, but there was an overabundance of hooting and hollering going on. As you were experiencing your final ascent up the driveway, it began to fill with family members waiting on you.

Much admiration filled everyone’s hearts as they came to greet you in person, welcoming you before you entered into full service to assist with old Betsy. We came so close to losing her this week and it was all we could to gently tuck her away for a good rest period. We’ll have to get a good remedy to get her into service again, so you've come at a good time. When she can’t go on any longer with her duties, there is great interest from others wishing to purchase her for her parts.

Thank you John Deere!

The arrival!

The first one to hop on!

Let's see now...

Had to try too!

She just had to be the "one" for lawn duties, after dad tried first of course. The DVD along with the purchase came in handy, and she absorbed the how to in no time flat. Trickier to ride and get the turns right, she's doing fairly well, loving this outdoor duty.

When old Betsy is up and running again, some twenty rows left short in the backyard when she decided to quit last weekend, she'll be scouting around along with John with two teenage joy riders carving the lawns to their desired lengths. I'll bet a small putting green will be planned in the near future, somewhere in the back of the property somewhere. wink