Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Miss Kitchen Helper

Just when did she get so tall? My head took a second turn as I caught a glimpse of my young daughter wearing my apron. My apron! And it fit her not too, too badly at that! When did it happen that she grew this tall?

I wonder if two of our grand-daughters will notice their young auntie wearing the apron they made for me. No worries my little sweeties, she is ONLY borrowing it to help Grandpa work in the kitchen and create his new dishes for the family, the ones he learned all about on the FOOD channel recently. He is becoming a great chef and your young Auntie is a really big kitchen helper for her daddy.

Here are few things he's created lately, the ones he learned how to create while at the hospital during his stay there. Do they sound yummy to you too?

Warm tomato salad with spinach

Wild salmon and chopped scallop fish cake
with mango chutney and fresh green beans

Beef stroganoff
and it was sooooo yummy!

Coconut Curry Prawn Thai stir fry
on a bed of lettuce and couscous

Do you know what this is? It is called an orange pavlova, GREEK dessert and oh my goodness, so very yummy.

Pavlova with Grand Marnier whipping cream topping
Oh, maybe not for you kidlets, sorry.

What do you think? Will Grandpa be a great cook when you all come to visit us? Maybe he's practicing for that huh? And maybe you can wear an apron and help him in the kitchen when you are here too.

Love to all our grandbabes!
Kisses from Nana