Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Proud owners of a new Oximeter

We're in the middle of a heat wave here in Ontario, and the humidity is something else the past few days!

During times such as these when indoor living and ultra dependence on air conditioning enters the big picture, there are little reminders everywhere on how this type of climate affects folks with respiratory diseases.

The topic of air quality fills my husband's respiratory physiotherapy ward. Cautions are at the helm of his days to keep indoors.

Today, another little reminder remains in our focal point on our bathroom counter, right next to the blood pressure cuff machine.

The FED Ex man brought a little package. Such a fast delivery considering I only ordered it yesterday and it came all the way from Montreal, Quebec today.


This cute little device is modern technology at its best! So small and so cute! Can you guess what it is?

It's a finger oximeter machine.

Told you it was new and smaller, a wee one that rests on a finger and can calculate both oxygen levels and pulse rates.

It was strongly recommended, suggested in a stern way in fact, that my husband now requires the use of one at home to keep an eye on his oxygen levels at any given moment. Morning, noon or evening, we are going to be investigating why he plummets suddenly and hope to be able to begin charting differences in oxygen readings from various times of the day.

If anyone out there has a respiratory disease and can benefit from this little baby, here's the information for you below.

This is product number; NN9570 - GO-2 Oximeter, blue.

We found them available from both the
Proresp company, and Roxon Medi-tech. For a store near you, contact Proresp using their website or to place a FED Ex order right from the company directly to your home, try;
Roxon Medi-tech
(514) 326-7780
Just a warning though, both companies preferred a referral by way of a hospital, doctor of any sort, something likened to a prescription before they would sell one to assure a necessity on the patient's part.

The cost was steep. It was 183.00 Canadian with shipping and taxes included. But for a little peace of mind and a whole lot of respiratory care, this medical device is a health staple, offering incredible benefits to the user.

We've all tried it on for size, and numbers. Standing or laying down seem to produce changes in the numbers, so all have also tried both. Normal is 98-100% just in case you don't know that. (wink)

When I tried it on, I guess I was so excited about this cute bug, and trying to take the photos, my husband told me my pulse was a bit too high. smiles...