Wednesday, September 08, 2010

summer's sweet and simple pleasures ~ 18

Summer draws us to the city's water's edge where there are (sunrises for Barbara :) , simple pleasures in abundance and refreshment aplenty for any soul, and - all for free.

I assure you, if only you will go, you will find there is much in the way of obtaining many simple pleasures there, beckoning one to come sit a bit, and be blessed with whatever happens while taking a bit of time there, on purpose, or just because.

This summer we've approached various water's edge locations, several beaches and have developed our family favorites, those thought of first for more frequent visitation experiences or chancing on magical sunset viewings.

(This peaceful scene sure makes me miss our weeping willow trees in our former home!)

At this particular water's edge in the city's center, so many activities are revolving from weekend to weekend, all seemingly ever-present from midsummer right through winter.

A celebratory festival is advertised in many media forms noting their themes. Usually not too crowded early in the mornings, and not too crazy, just perhaps a few things of interest for all!

We've been able to attend several this summer, even if only for the gentle meandering and pleasant walking, for the people watching, boating vessel viewing on the waterways, or maybe only sheer curiosity lurks deep within, wondering what sort of finds of the day might prove to be most interesting for us.

I loved (!) the music of the "Caribeanfest", for it made me want to break out and dance. Toe tapping for sure at minimum was the immediate temptation, happy smiles always broke out on everyone's faces as they passed by the live Caribbean musical bands or sale booths.

Who says music doesn't change our attitudes? I personally love and collect a huge variety of music from all over the world, and play it often at home!

There have been many other festivals (think every single weekend!), many include the child squealing smaller fairs complete with midways and several amusement park rides for the children to revel in the thrill of just a few spins, enough to count as a real memory of the day for them.

Last weekend, we caught glimpses of spectators cheering on their favorite dragon boat filled with action packed rowing bodies.

How exciting!

How do I get involved in that? smiles...

And then, there have been cultural or local traditional festivals which have included vendor tents and booths for several miles, about 500 of them stretching around the bay and beyond.

Some of the items for sale, or chosen works of art by local artisans win my beauty award for the day, and I've been blessed to return home with specific lovelies such as bags full pure beeswax candles of various shapes and sizes, or bath additives in natural form with natural scents so scrumptious for those end-of-day long evening soaks.

Other times there are larger items available for purchase to the summer time festival buyer; antiques, and temptations galore to the average person parading passed, like this one catching my hubby's attention.

This summer, we've sure observed some incredible stuff, and people are obviously supporting the unique types of product for sale, making me feel a wee bit giggly when thinking about such ones as - "writing your name on a grain of rice"... I mean - really?

I guess so because our daughter was gifted with one by a friend of hers, so they are indeed selling like hot cakes!

No matter, it's been most interesting and almost exciting to seek out what the "next festival" will be, the one that might be lurking down and tempting us toward that particular water's edge, offering great variety to those who are fortunate enough to see the possibilities of simply attending and exploring to their heart's desires.

If anything, we enjoy a lovely stroll along the water, stopping to sip a something or other, even if it's just our water we always carry with us, reveling in the simplicity of the day.

Next up?

A spectacular and super fantastic chef's fare using a huge variety of foods from a 100 miles radius.

Guess what? I think we're hitting that one.

And then?

So many more have been rumbling forth in the local media, a canoe day for one, a musical theater festival for another, harvest fare, and all seems to be ending in winter with the ice festival and then winding up with the winter festival in the new year.

Oh, that one was C-O-L-D!!!

FREEZING cold I might add!

Meanwhile, there's still time for you to find out what sort of festival might be located within your community news calendar because summer is NOT yet over!

Go out and just enjoy!