Tuesday, September 07, 2010

summer's sweet and simple pleasures ~ 17

Summer includes moments to sit a spell, really sit on purpose, maybe because it's become way too hot to move.
The three "H's" have visited often this summer, those of;

"Humidity, Heat, and Hazy"

At the top of the list and something to be utterly thankful for; what a spectacular summer we have had this year!

Each time our forest fire warning needle rose up a notch to remind us of the fragility of the season of fires, rain seemed to fall from the skies to moisten the vast amounts of vegetation in our midst to the point of enjoying a sigh of relief.

Perhaps it just poured all through the night, and when the morning came, the heat continued to blare.

Perfect summer weather really, all except when the humidity became almost unbearable for my hubby to breathe and remain comfortable.
No matter, my hubby and I have really enjoyed our evening chats and sunset viewings all summer long on our little deck, whilst relaxing in our new adirondack chairs.

Catching up on our days while apart, or having a visit for a while on a weekend out there, we've come to enjoy the simplicity of observing the forest for what we might discover anew.

Aside from all the birding we've really come to enjoy and appreciate them all for their beauty and exquisite simple pleasures they offer us, one silly (or maybe more?) short tailed weasel (maybe he is the very same who entered our home and ran about in our kitchen earlier this year?) has been wreaking havoc out yonder this summer.

Oh that critter has been doing what he was born to do, living his life cycle as created to do, however the squawking danger signals erupting in the forest foliage alert anyone in tune with what it means, the weasel is present - and hungry!

Climbing and circling round and round the height of the trees, soon the sly weasel finds nests of eggs or baby mammal/bird to gobble up for his main entree during his midday meal.

When the warning signals amongst the leaves sound out, we've been able to spot small baby chipmunks swiftly climbing up the trees with the weasel in hot pursuit. Soon they nosedived down from often incredible heights, crashing through the branches of leaves below and ending up on the ground. The weasel also dives and scrambles to beat the challenge of the tempting catch ahead.

How intriguing to observe how God made these critters.

How interesting, and yet how sad at times. Through it all, there seems to be something new to observe at any given moment while sitting outdoors these days.

For instance...

One afternoon, this fellow below came to call.

Stunned at first at the large size walking on the ground under the tree, I stood with feet frozen on the ground at the window pane until I could snap back to reality realizing "what" in the world I was seeing. And then, the big black "thing" (obviously a large bird of some kind by now) began to walk up the tree sideways.

"Heh honey, do you see that?"
; my husband shouted from our bedroom patio over to me in the family room, as I was still gazing out the large window already with camera in hand and children round about near me.

"Yes, I'm ahead of you and trying to get a few photos already."
I assured him.

Until you catch a glimpse of this
"Pileated Woodpecker" bird species, you have no idea how BIG they really are! The size of a large cat I would think, at least, is something one could compare it to. Amazing!

They live and are quite territorial over a ten acre parcel of forest, therefore with evidence located on our trees, holes pounded in the trunks and branches, he must think our land is his land in that mathematical equation.

And then, the cartoon character "Woody Woodpecker" came clearly to mind.

Thoughts of a headache came to mind just listening to the thunderous banging noises it began to make as it pounded its beak back and forth into the concave tree area, where we had a branch removed last spring. And then, as I zoomed in with my camera, I could "see" the damage it was making there.

This can't be a good thing for a tree, can it? Hmmm.....

Meanwhile, my photos are very good, a wee bit blurry and not so easily edited, but I managed to get these ones just the same and pleased I was able to do so.

Talk about living life amongst nature in its purist form, we are enjoying the simplicity of sitting, and awaiting what we'll note next.

Among the forest, there is chatter, there is harmony in nature just as God designed it to have, with dozens of critters living there, in a hidden spot just perfect to call "home" for them.

On our property, we will always invite them to live here, oh yes, just keep way out there and away from entering our home and we'll be very pleased.