Thursday, September 02, 2010

summer's sweet and simple pleasures ~ 14

Summer is for seizing the day, when able for those sometimes impulsive;
  • long drives in the country,
  • road tripping,
  • sight seeing
... and not really having a genuine plan in place, or goals for the day, rather coasting and traveling about ... just because...

Roadtripping and daytripping ~ two of my favorite things when adventure is thrown into the pack! It's like having a "YAYCATION" !

Oh yah! I like those. We all do. Oh and - yes, in this newer location, there is still so very much to see and do.

And the NHL Vancouver Canucks are usually with us for the ride.

Last weekend we were able to enjoy a bit longer road trip to our former home area, with my husband this time. It was his first time there since our move to our present home, and the weather for the most part was mighty fine, that is, until we were heading home again with rain, rain and more rain. But, in all fairness, the sun did shine again the following day.

During this trip, we were looking for a sunset under the Blue Water Bridges, and we were happy to have one while there.

We stayed at the same hotel my husband lived in for five months while waiting the rest of the family to join him here after our big move from the westcoast.

Our younger children sure enjoyed swimming in the pools each day.

We were all looking forward to our reserved appointments at our former chiropractor, and then my hubby and I for deep tissue massages with the gal there who had proved to be the very best for sheer torture (grinning) in keeping us in fine shape with regards to an old car accident injury (for me - goodbye migraines!).

We haven't been able to equal their mighty offerings of health benefits in our area yet, but we're hoping to stumble upon better quality someday soon.

Also of great benefit was having her strong hands working to stretch out the muscles around my husband's back, over his ribs and chest and neck, keeping them all limber from the bit of atrophy that can easily occur from so much bending over while coughing or protecting his chest by hunching over often.

If you've never had a "deep tissue" massage, never mind thinking of it in the same way as a gentle and relaxing fru fru one at a spa because (believe me!) - they are far from the same thing.

I would however, step out of my comfort zone to most definitely invite you to explore this area offering the possibility of a health benefit, that is, if you can find or be referred to one with very strong hands. It's just so amazing how much better one feels afterward, certainly though, not perhaps as much during! Oh, ow, ow, youch. And then the rewards are great, for anyone but especially for those suffering from respiratory issues.

Hoping to have a visit with our friend Ruth, we were alarmed to hear how dreadfully ill both she and her husband were, both down with the most fearful thing possible - lung infections and severe high temperatures, amongst other issues. Oh my!

Worried we were feeling a bit better to know a mutual friend was going to be tending to them after hospital emergency visits the night before we arrived into town.

Wow. Scary!

Sadly, and most obviously, we could not go there so we weren't able to see them.

Their former piano teacher/friend.

A lovely and most precious visit with our former piano teacher, her daughter and another family was definitely a highlight, as well as an afternoon catch-up with former friends (I failed to get more photos of these great visits!) who are very much enjoying half of those bricks from our former home's driveway. The piano teacher was happy to have the rest of them and she had since layed them all down to create a spectacular area in her yard.

As if some things aren't just really interesting, another couple we knew had been transferred to live in Singapore for three years and yet, there they were at our hotel when venturing in there for our final morning's breakfast. How wonderful to see them off on their very new and exciting adventure!

We had teens visit with friends to celebrate a special birthday, with a huge water side bonfire and newly purchased jet ski fun time.

What FUN they all had in this wonderful reunion all together.

What a great bunch of kids! And we had a lovely time with all of their parents ourselves! All the moms had tears in their eyes when this group said their farewells and so longs.

Happy tears that they were able to have this time together, knowing changes are coming on our end too as soon we won't be able to travel that far from our home area...and then, they will come to us.

I know they will.

Their parents promised they will.

Lovely people, the blessing of friends and the joy of a revisit to the area we really came to love after our transfer almost across the country from the westcoast.

And as if this wasn't enough for a weekend, we left to head home but were first able to attend mass at our former parish on Sunday evening.

It was heartwarming to have our younger son invited to serve at the altar.

More wonderful reunions!

And then it all hit! Back in the vehicle, sad faces soon gripped our hearts, both our children's and to be honest, ours, the parents also, as we began the long drive on our departure back home.

After a few hours of reshifting thoughts, the sun did shine again and smiles were aplenty when first parking at the Toronto Airport, and scooping up my brother who came to visit with us for a few days, before heading to a conference in Ottawa.

It was so very wonderful to have him for the first time to Ontario with us.