Monday, September 20, 2010

seasonal grooming on our property

If one doesn't trim back the forest, over time it closes up on them again. And has our forest ever required taming this from this summer's seasonal growth!

Completing our front landscaping work area was one of the best decisions we made in this home, at least one direct portion of our land groomed and looking tidy.

There is such as thing as "natural" , but of course, when one lives amongst the critters in a forest setting, it's lovely to have some light filter through, but not only that, one wonders in a strong wind if one of those rotten branches way up high might not pose a safety issue for another standing below.

Note; many of the branches were barren of leaves, rotting even
and dangerous when breaking off suddenly in a strong wind.

Since we use this area within the trees here, in our "danger zone", we would shiver to think someone was gored or knocked out by one with the blow from a speedy fall.

We've literally gone from bush and brush to something more tidy, and thought all was fine and well until the two windstorms this past few weeks. Each morning we would rise to fallen branches, thick ones too, and a tree across the grass working its attempt at growing underneath.

When my hubby and I took a stroll out front, dead and center of this u-shaped circular driveway area, we noticed when we glanced upward, many of the trees had dead branches, most likely from being so crowded in the forest setting before our home was built.

A gentle pruning was necessary to trim and tame the bunch for optimal growing capabilities. So many smaller trees were choking out the more healthy.

With a can of orange spray paint, hubby and I also decided which trees would be best fallen for safety sake and future benefits to the other trees around the area.

Our son manned the chainsaw and began the task of taking the trees down, the ones in the front.

Oh, and we also had about a dozen in the back marked too.

It took most of a day to fall the trees, and get them cut to size for future firewood. It seemed a shame to have to take them down at all, but such is life amongst the forest when the only actual leafy growth was above ten feet upward on the tree trunk.

Helpers were spotty the first day while in the first stages of what ended up being two full days of work falling, cutting, chopping, hauling, breaking, and cleaning up.

A huge job!

NOW complete!

Thanks son for all your help. I know it would have been so much more work without you here, a real trooper!

Love you.