Thursday, September 09, 2010

summer's sweet and simple pleasures ~ 19

Summer is for bike riding...

... and for discovering what fun it is when cycling on the fabulously long and well tended winter's snowmobile trails in summer.

Along the way are playgrounds to discover, wild berries aplenty, horse riders to meet up with on the same trails, the legendary summertime fry guy to visit, and a general store or two when thirst becomes an issue with the heat of the day.

Long bike rides haven't truly been a reality for me to tag the younger ones along, that is until this year when their legs and endurance have caught up to their full stride riding mama.

I guess that sounds like a motorcycle huh?

This mama and her leathers? snickering... Oh NOT!

Riding a bike has always been something so pleasurable for me. I spent many a teen year summer riding my bike with friends all over the countryside in search of a great new water hole to dunk in for a freezing cold swim.

Today, I don't have the bright yellow child's bike seat nestled in behind me any longer, but I'm thrilled to have eager children wanting to get out and explore the countryside views with their mother just for the joy of it all. And they can keep up! We three can ride in sync now, so great.

I can't wait for more bike riding along the trails during the season of autumn directly ahead, before the colder snap will soon appear, once again requiring the bikes to be placed back inside for winter's storage.

I've noticed as you may likely have, when one is out and about driving in the city, take note over just how many other people are enjoying the ability to commute and get out on their bicycles this season.

As we've journeyed to downtown Toronto during this summer season for doctor appointments and such things, it's been very refreshing to see how well local businesses and universities accommodate the bicycle rider for alternative transportation management.

I especially love seeing all the red ones resting on the roadsides, those locked up on bike parking racks provided for them near outdoor cafes.

And then there's all of the cyclists working their way along allocated bicycle routing deep in the heart of the University core downtown areas.

It makes me want to don my cycling helmet, and grab my bike, just so I can cycle amongst the crowd for the sole pleasure of being able to see the city from another viewpoint, other than through the windows of my vehicle, moving along too hastily with the flow of traffic to gulp in all the details.

Summer's simple pleasures might just be right in your own backyard, or at least within your own neighborhood - on a bicycle!