Sunday, September 26, 2010

rub a dub dub

Ever since our bunnies enjoyed (and even delighted) in their spa day so very much, our daughter decided our two (girlie) dogs also deserved to be pampered similarly.

Off she went, filling up the small doggie designated swimming pool, attempting to create a warm temperature for their bath, rather than produce a freezing dip from the cold water coming solely from the garden hose.

Both garden hose and buckets of hot water filled the pool to the desired height.

With shampoo, Qtips, toothbrushes, hair brushes, and clippers assembled, all required items were ready.

Bathing and performing hygienic measures on a dog is a far cry from that of a bunny. And, if you've ever bathed a dog before, then you would know the biggest dilemma comes at that very moment when a dampened dog feels the overwhelming desire to shake off all the water on her body, spraying anyone and everyone in their midst. And ours did. Boy oh boy did they ever!

Wet as one would expect from such an endeavor, our daughter finally just bent down on both knees, not caring any longer about getting wetter, and began making an even better spa time memory while shampoo massaging these dogs of ours.

Needless to say, even with the added precaution of having them on a long lead rope, both didn't move during their bath. In fact, both closed their eyes in sheer enjoyment, relishing in the moments with this young gal hovering over them, pampering them to bits.

And, at the end of their girlie hour, both pranced about showing off their fluffiest fur ever, their gleaming teeth and faces, and promptly laid to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.

Sweet doggie dreams (no doubt) were in progress for the rest of the day. And, one very satisfied gal was pleased to provide such contentment.