Saturday, September 18, 2010

the importance of having supportive team players ...

In September,

... just when things seem to be slowing down with summer's extra curricular activities now behind us, those not always present during the schooling year, the medical appointments and tests begin anew yet again.

This week, the calendar reminds us of another appointment with my hubby's respiralogist, and again in three weeks or so, back to visit the surgeon after a morning riddled with some five hours of assorted pulmonary testing, CT scan/xrays and other medical requirements.

When the ability arrives to finally settle in to a somewhat normal mode for getting into the groove of hunkering down for the colder seasons ahead, we are reminded time after time just how fragile life really is, how short lived the whole idea of being able to "settle down" really is, especially that the kind of settling down we'd love to have seems to be short lived when watching my hubby have to fend off a nagging emotional tug of war medically.

In the back of our minds, we still wonder if/when the telephone might ring just as we have every single day this whole summer, remembering the final words of the surgeon who promised to "be in touch" in time.

There is another appointment ahead to see him (it seemed too far away back then) and with summer's swift passing, it's now almost around the corner!

Lord willing, we try everyday (!) working hard in our efforts to keep up smiley and happy hearts, and uphold very positive attitudes, forever loving life in all ways, happy and content with our lot in life, and always making a great attempt at chins up.

As we press onward, we attempt and try mightily to maintain a stress free environment less it all becomes overwhelming.

It is then when we begin realizing the need to continue filtering out all unnecessary outer "negative anything".

Oh sure they'll always be something in life, though that's not exactly what I'm speaking of.

During these past few summer months, it has fast become ever-important to remain focused on ONLY wrapping ourselves around;
  • ''cheery"
  • "prayerful"
  • "supportive"
  • "positive"
family, friends and community.

If we find ourselves floating in some unwelcome or negative circumstances, we will be forced to decide how we will be handling them and what part they might be playing in our future.

It's not an easy (or a fair) thing when one becomes placed in a position contrary to finding a lifeline comprising of a group of folks when hoping only to create a "support team", filled with those who can easily manage to remember the importance of the set criteria above.

Therefore, like any coach would be required to do, like the medical social workers at the hospital insist upon, if we simply must throw up the white flag and adopt their recommended practice, we will consider the value of benching those who might give the appearance of being on our team, but aren't able to even muster up mutual respect in offering "simple good cheer" in their/our everyday world; either in person, on the telephone, or via other methods of communications.

Apologies in advance if that sounds harsh, it's just survival mode slowly being reconciled and forced to kick in, realizing the very wise counsel from professionals who have already walked this way and seen much with others in similar medically driven positions.

With this preamble, and with only pure intention, we will become more vigilant as we step forward in slowly scouting for "our support system of team players" who might all be able to provide understanding when remembering how important the above noted precious criteria really is in the future for our entire family.

Are you in? :)

~~ Be sure to hug the ones you love!~~