Friday, September 10, 2010

summer's sweet and simple pleasures ~ 20 - THE END!

When signs of the fall harvest begin ...

summer seems to unwind seasonally in such a natural way.

And so it is then that we look forward to nature's bounty to fill our winter pantry food storage, fresh from the harvest of farmer's great crops.

Living in the country, with farms all about, we are still inundated by geographical landscape changes every season.

In summer, crops begin to fill the land with their summer promises of farmer crops so large, surely all our food storage bins will overflow from their goodness.

As autumn will soon return, the farmers parade up and down our streets with their bins filled to their brims with crop bounties off to market.

Farmer's markets have been incredible all summer long in our midst, with several to choose from for an early Saturday morning visit.

There are days when we have traffic jams from country food trekking when those same farmers take up the roadways with their booty. Most who travel near and around them are thankfully kind and patient without any road rage present.

Farmers are also respectful of others and moving over if possible.

A truckload of fresh from the field broccoli anyone?

For me, I like this time of year when life settles down again and this mama taxi can catch her breath once the teen's demanding summertime work shifts become more limited.

It's been quite a summer commitment ensuring their transportation to and from their many shifts, one with two jobs and two shifts a day, at two totally directionally opposite locations.

I am so looking forward to the seasonal changes ahead, when the general landscape becomes noticeably different yet again, from blasts of colorful hues screaming of autumn's palette, and the days soon become a bit cooler than we've had recently.

Aside from resuming schooling in our home on September 13th, the doctor and specialist visits continue and unless we hear again from the surgeon as stipulated (and we've been already waiting all summer long for a phone call!), the next biggie is October 7th.

Until then, travel is limited, home is right where it's at, and we will group and cuddle up together, with front row seating to the sunrises and sunsets. Weather and bug permitting of course.

Right around the corner is our Canadian Thanksgiving when our daughter will turn 18 years old, and my parents will be present for turkey dinner with our family.

So long to the dead of summer. Hello to all autumn possibilities!

Today will conclude this new series of photo vignettes called; "Summer's sweet and simple pleasures" and I hope you've enjoyed my presentations of the same.

Let's talk about "Autumn's simple pleasures" now, shall we?

Who's on board?