Wednesday, September 01, 2010

summer's sweet and simple pleasures ~ 13

Summertime usually offers warm temperate climate conditions to enable the fetching of our animals, to offer them a relaxing, and sometimes time consuming labor of love cleaning.

This was the; "Bunny's Spa Day!"

And what a sweet and special time it was for these two furry pals of our daughters'.

The idea sprang forth from the thinking that our dogs were in dire need of a spa day themselves, and with the temperatures climbing outdoors while sitting upon our deck chairs, our younger daughter decided today was the day the bunnies were going to have their spa session.

Drifting away from my company for a few moments, she returned with a bucket of warm water, baby shampoo, nail cutters, toothbrush, fur brush, towels and the whole spa idea was beginning to flourish into action.

One bunny at a time, she brought them forth and soon they were submersed into the makeshift bath tub.

First "Mr. Floppy" (brown and white bunny) had his turn.

Not too sure of this whole spa idea, he fidgeted and wiggled about a bit, that it until he was made more secure with our daughter massaging him and washing him up with baby shampoo in such a sudsy clean and loving way.

He really began to relax, even closed his eyes at one point, surely lapping up all of this wonderful thing called "spa day".

Next came "Miss Moppy" (black and white bunny), our little lady bunny who proved to be "all female", instantly loving everything and laying down flat on her belly, resting easily without much movement at all, obviously enjoying every little bit of this new hair day. (smiles)

We thought she would be terribly behaved, so mostly the surprise was on us. Warm water and a healthy massage, this bunny gal would have no doubt, remained in the water all day long.

As each attention to detail action was performed, it was so cute to watch how sweetly the bunnies accepted each thing.

After the bath came the towel wrap and plenty of cuddles, and then more massage work to dry their fur.

A complete brushing proved to provide a flurry of shedding fur flying about, but still, the bunnies did not move or flinch at all, slowly closing their eyes, surely almost comatose by this point in their spa session, in complete submission and total relaxation mode.

Loving and lapping up this spa day!

Next, a good teeth brushing, both not so sure, though they submitted to their dental care quite well, mouths wide open and teeth exposed.

Finally a nail clipping, ear and eye cleaning, still in their glory with the entire spa treatment session.

More loving, and still - no sign of any anxiety nor movement.

At Miss Moppy's final moments however, we had a little concern when three huge hawks circled overhead and she was whisked away to safety, well, in case she might have been in any sort of danger.

One never knows with small animals about until it can become much too late.

Both bunnies back in their homes, were we surprised they chose to sleep for the duration of the day?

Ahhhh, spa day!

All bunnies should have their very own time with their owners for such things. I know it makes me want one too.

How about you? :)