Saturday, August 19, 2006

Afternoon Siestas

We love afternoon siestas, or "quiet hours" in the afternoon hours when the sun is hottest. After the brick saga, an afternoon of boot shopping, and the excitement of the dogs with their new treat, it was time for settling down for a lull.

Two of the younger children headed for the barn loft. Once there, a blanket was spread on the floor, dolls all around, one reading, one hugging her babes, sharing a quiet time together. The older son headed for bed with a good adventure novel. The night before I had moved the trampoline nearer to the back deck and closer to the house. Our older daughter visited the storage closet to find her sleeping bag, grabbed her pillow from the bed, and took a lovely snooze, off to dreamland with the sound of crickets, cicadas, mourning doves, and the natural quiet of the country.