Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mom's day out


Okay, so mom's day out was a month ago now, better late than never I guess here. I just can't resist touring you around this neat village.

Designated under the Heritage Act, Bayfield’s Main Street is a gateway to restaurants, accommodations, shops and boutiques, art and craft galleries, all giving the visitor a feeling of yesteryear and a place apart.

History presents itself in the many buildings through its architecture and interesting plaques circulating the village.

This shipping store was originally a furniture store built in 1854!

Some time ago, I typed a blog about our travels to Grand Bend, Ipperwash, Kettle Point, and Bayfield, which we discovered are all quaint villages with waterfront footage and all the swimming one might desire.

Seemingly Ipperwash and Grand Bend were ideal locations for family outings or even camping, a place for a great dog run with a water dip, or just for couples out alone to enjoy a very lovely “date”. Ipperwash and Kettle Point are First Nations areas with a smidgen of gift shops, Grand Bend however I liken to White Rock with neat shops and many ice cream venues.

During our visit to these locations, I found myself peacefully subdued with the tranquility of the landscape, the beauty and bliss of just gazing around at the water scenery before us, or just the plain old art of “people watching”. Perhaps we shall liken these moments to “smelling the roses” in summertime, (my current theme if you haven’t already noticed) venturing out to “seize the day”, or in the case this week to “seize the good weather” and a nice drive.

Perhaps though, if you’re like me, just sitting near the water is a calming and quietly peaceful moment alone without any need to move from a comfy gazing point.

Several weeks later, I was invited by a group of local ladies to join them for a day’s outing; shopping in Bayfield. With the children, I’d come across the most interesting array of antique shops, gift boutiques, and art galleries, needing time and patience from them to browse and fully appreciate them, but it just wasn’t the type of place for the children to endure being dragged around in, therefore I skipped the thought altogether saving them from the agony of such an idea.

When the invitation arrived from the ladies, I was pleased at the thought of taking a day out to join a great group of ladies for perusing shops and lunching together at the “Inn”.

The drive had been very long I remembered, but this time I was just a passenger and could enjoy the drive, the scenery and the company in a relaxed manner.

What a great place to visit, a fun place for couples to stay a few nights too. Hmmm…..