Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to our son!


Sending you birthday greetings over there!

On the day you were born twenty-seven years ago today, it was one of the hottest days of the year! I sat on the front porch sweltering in the 6:30am. early morning sun, eagerly yet patiently awaiting the late arrival of your father from his out of town work. My bag was packed with enough belongings for the seven day expected length of time both hospital and doctors demanded a new mother to remain in recovery for in those days.

Yep, we were ready with your overdue timing, to get on the road to the hospital quite a distance away, and fully anticipated your birth day, finally being able to meet you face to face. Both my specialist and doctor had been notified of my journey in for the special time. Funny thing though, both missed the birth with the on duty nurse catching you just in time! Who would've known this was the way memories would occur with you. You know, *he shoots and he scores". You scored alright and the nurse got two points! *smile*Shortly after both doctors arrived, they revealed traffic was heavy thus the delays from their offices downtown. Thank goodness for a wonderful nurse then. All was well!

In a flash, time has flown by, yet these memories still seem like yesterday to us.

Happy Birthday Aaron!

We love you!!