Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ahhhhh, At Long Last!!!!!


Finally we found a truly authentic Japanese (not Thai, Vietnamese, or Chinese) sushi restaurant to fulfill our ever growing cravings to savor the flavors our juicy taste buds were so hoping for in the east since our move here. Just thinking about those desires for wasabi, maki rolls, teriyaki skewers….just give us the works! YES, we found a GOOD sushi bar too!

Delighted to find it!

Meeting up with hubby for a lovely luncheon date, one hour from home, I was most excited at long last for this possibility, a first since our move here. It had been arranged our meal was to take place at a newly discovered restaurant hubby noticed on a drive from work, with a most delicious temptation of enjoying lovely savoring delights. All we had to bring was a hearty palette. As the morning progressed, and the journey of the drive almost completed for me, an ever growing and mounting craving became so substantial, when arriving at long last, and then just entering the authentic Japanese restaurant, I was pumped! Thrilled to be there for my luncheon date!

Upon entry into the main area, immediately I noticed the delicate rice paper centers within the wooden frames on the doorways of two tatami rooms to my left, the sushi bar was to my right at the far back corner, with the on duty sushi chef working his hands in intricate detailed ways to make culinary artistic and beautifully presented fares, ultimately served on special dishes to accentuate the loveliness of the culinary masterpieces.

Chef was excellent, his talent impressive!

I smelled the green tea brewing, and heard the Japanese cultural music droning into my senses to awaken at long last, the craving of this edible artwork, so longingly hoped for and desired since our move here. Yes, this was the best place so far to separate and configure our chopsticks, blend in our little green mounds of wasabi into our soy sauce to make a spicy paste, sip our tea, and enjoy the feast fare of the afternoon! My only regret was not taking pictures of the lovely presentation, as I was so eager to consume it I guess, the camera was completely forgotten. Oops! Next time!

Absolutely Scrumptious!