Friday, August 04, 2006

Day 2 - Heave Ho!

Still hauling bricks to get them all transported vanload by vanload today. The sun is shining again, hotter once more to get working outdoors. Today though, as far as the bricks go, we have all developed a great system, standing shoulder to shoulder forming an assembly line. With the experience, we're getting real good at moving the bricks from pallet to van, brick by brick and row by row, until the old van's shocks cry out for mercy and become much too precariously low to the wheels. By then it's time to get the several something hundred bricks, to the lucky recipient's yard down the road with the gang jumping onboard to assist at the other end.

Lucky her! *wink*

When morning came, the sun was already quite warm, so I dressed and grabbed my supplies to get into the garden before the heat of the day.

In between loading the bricks each time the van returns, I'm still yanking weed after weed out of the front garden, overgrown perenials, dead looking junky plants, and attempting to keep from becoming overheated. Lucky me for the water hose at hand, ready to grab and hose down my hair and neck hour by hour (thus the BIG hair in the picture above - poof!).

What a huge gardener's nightmare these beds are here! Four hours of weeding.... so far, in this bed alone! The work is to be continued...after I cool off with a nice glass of ice water and a lemon slice.

Meanwhile, the painter returned after the storms passed and the sunshine greeted us today with a warm hello. He's working away, giggling at our assembly lines, totally oblivious to the heat himself, painting with his steady hand, and whistling tunes to tap to. He's such a nice man, had a tough life, but life has taken a splendid turn for him with a newborn baby in his household. He shared with us each new special moment he experiences with her each time he comes again. Very cute!