Sunday, August 06, 2006

Day 3 - The Remains Of the Day

Day 3

Bricks are gone - almost 3500 plus of them!!! These were removed one brick at a time, into van loads with their corresponding empty pallets accompanying them, to and fro the new owner's home!

That detailed task involving upwards of 9 people at a time, is final and thus completed.

The grass shows wear of pallet storage and its subsequent removal. We can see the bigger picture now, the yard without the scenery of mounted and overloaded brick pallets.

Less you become overly excited with this task of ours now complete, let me state for the record, at least the paver bricks are gone. The remains of the day still to date, still occupying space on the grass are three pallets of red interlocking bricks to be used in the gardens, and one pallet of half width paver bricks to be used for borders around the dog pen when the sod is installed for the pups to roll around on.

Empty pallets ! Ahhhh, love to see those ones

Meanwhile, as trips were made back and forth with the bricks, those staying behind were busily yanking and pulling weeds on the area surrounding the driveway, where the truck loads of soil had been dumped, and the bobcat pushed them all around somewhat, needing attention in the worst way with the lovely new greenery sprouting and growing all too quickly. So today, this was also completed as well.

Tomorrow and during the upcoming week, we will all begin a new task of raking the soil out properly, sculpting and carving a proper lineage to the driveway borders. Grass seed will be the final step with frequent waterings to get the welcomed greenery growing.

Little helpers with dad working away

Our painter completed his tasks we gave him during the duration of the past two weeks. Things are coming together now, especially with regards to the steel window lintels, which were never painted upon completion of the home, therefore the rust over time had accumulated to the point of needing intense sanding and weatherguard painting to cover and protect them all. This was one area noted by the home inspector on his report before our purchase of the property. A tedious task window by window, but one necessary before the seasons change.


Interupted by work calling, but my weeding nearby is coming along

Ta da!!!