Monday, August 07, 2006

Puppy update and setbacks today!

Both pups love their new digs and have settled nicely into routines for their days. Both pups are the same age, give or take a few days and seemingly enjoy each other very much. Oh they fight and rough house about all day long, but come naptime or evening tuck in, they curl up together and snore away.

So, as normal training each day, the pups are encouraged to roll through a series of commands, the latest being catching things in their mouth and returning them for another attempt.

Both the older children take the time to train them each day. Here a tennis ball is being bounced on the ground, and while the lab pup has a fairly good idea of what to do, the husky just isn't getting it yet. It's interesting to compare these breeds, both very fun and so loveable.

As we get in physical gear this week to complete the inside of the dog pen, mostly raking the compacted soil properly for planting grass or laying sod, other things today keep beckoning us away from beginning the job.

Hubby was to report for work this morning with upper management showing up in town.

Our older son entered our “cold storage” area today to find some green spots circulating around the ceiling in between areas where the gyproc tape was applied. Mold growth - Yikes!

Long ago, our painter was supposed to “seal” off the entire room, walls and all, and hadn’t been able to return with other jobs to move to next. When had some free time to accommodate us again, the timing was perfect when hubby’s second week of vacation was cancelled and we needed more hands to have the painting details outside accomplished first instead.

On our home inspection report before moving in, it was noted the cold storage room (small concrete room with shelves) needed more ventilation in the future during extreme heat or cold spells. The existing little vent high up the brick wall had two bricks of blue styrofoam insulation jammed into it, and with the weather now warmer, we thought to take them both out and allow the outdoor air to circulate within this room more for a while.


The moisture and humidity of the air outside with the recent heat wave acted like a steamy bathroom in there, leaving the new ceiling we had installed (the original had some bits of mold stain on it, so we pulled it all off and reinstalled a proper moisture proof boarding instead, just hadn’t had it sealed as yet) . It was a dead giveaway when touching any paper products or cardboard boxes, where we felt a slight moisture to the touch, so several green garbage bags were filled to get rid of those items in case mold developed from them down the line.

Only three days ago, we brought extra canned goods into the room, therefore it is very recent. A few times it smelled like mold in there after moving things in, but after an inspection, we found there was no mold present, only a strong cement smell instead. All seemed well…until today!

The children and I have been hauling and moving everything from the room and placing it elsewhere or throwing it all out.

What a job!

Our painter came by later to be paid today, so I showed him the details in the room and queried about how soon the job could be moved up as a priority now, rather than waiting until for our next month’s agenda, as previously decided when he never reappeared for those six weeks. He’ll be here early Monday morning next week to get things in this room back in healthy order for us.

I am so disappointed with this setback, hubby and children too of course. We've been working so hard here to settle in! The task of emptying the room is complete and the fans are working in there with essential oils misting the room to kill any possibilities of airborne spores from moving about.

On top of this today, our air conditioning unit is sweating so badly, it has a constant drip coming off the venting in the furnace room, there is a huge puddle of water in there whirling its way down the drain, but the walls were wet and had to be dried up. Just when we felt as though we were getting nicely settled, not one but two things appeared today.

All hands were available today, thank goodness.