Friday, August 18, 2006


Ahead of schedule, the imposed deadline for completing the brick moving to the new storage area is complete, as I type this at 10:52 am. We are all celebrating at this moment with a rather large glass of icy electrolyte filled, lemon lime Gatorade. Oh, it’s going down so good!

Quenching our thirst!

Pushing our bodies to extremes, all hands on deck, thankfully we awoke to an overcast sky to shield us from the sun’s rays today. However, even with the cloudy skies protecting us, the summer heat still reigned true, eventually creating situations with heavily dripping sweaty brows.
Another palette gone!

More tools of the trade were discovered, and came in handy to haul bricks, allowing our youngest helper to pitch in, becoming more productive with the team efforts, as well as blending in with the natural rhythm of everyone else's developing strategic assemblies.

New tools of the trade discovered

Feeling proud of herself, little helpers are very productive today

They have a plan folks! Doing a great job too!

The condition of these bricks was interesting, dried mud caked on, requiring a broom swished across each row as we uncovered them. Filthy is a mild description that comes to mind.

Filthy caked on dirt must go!

Castle maker to avoid sore lower back work

Everyone was assigned a position, rotations happening when necessary. With a break in the weather for the most part, we decided to continue until all was complete. The evening is now free without more work. And work we did, resulting with the grand finale of muscles screaming for mercy, as we officially wind down, laughing and celebrating over the end of the brick saga. We did it! Ahead of schedule too!

Preparing for hockey in the fall, building my muscles.
Someday I'll thank you for this!

My claim to fame today is having touched each and every single brick the past few days, from all three palettes, as I was the assigned “loader” for wheelbarrow and wagon, sweeper of the bricks, castle stacker of the piles to avoid more stooping over for the loading motions, motivation 101 mama, and cheerleader extraordinaire.

Loader of the bricks


Great work team!!!

More little green friends were discovered with each lifting of another empty palette. We found a large one here, with a smaller one a short distance away. Now homeless, they struggled to move onward in search of cover.

Mama Toad

Baby Toad ??