Sunday, August 13, 2006

Only in farm country!

Only in farm country would we get to be privy in viewing a sight such as this below! And what a sight it was!

We laughed and giggled at the tractors lining up the sandy beach wondering when we first arrived if there was something special happening there, perhaps a tractor show. Imagine our surprise as we watched tractor after tractor back up the boat trailors into the water, then roll on out when the boat was floating safely.

Only in farm country folks!

However when we realized things were "normal" as could be in this lovely beach area, we were relieved to know we could stay to enjoy time at the beach, not only with the children, but the two pups. It's been a while since they have been on an outing to the waters. Not knowing how they would adjust to the entry back into the tides, after only a leap from the van, they were off bouncing about, dog paddling and heads were up to stay swimming. What a hoot!

Every time a seagull soared above, the lab went nuts racing in speedy fashion down the waters, daughter at the other end of the leash lead, attempting to zoom ahead and keep up. One would wonder; "Who was walking whom" at this point, and snickers were all about with other folks enjoying the spectacle before them. New sights and noises were surrounding the pups, things like jet skiers, various breeds of other dogs nearby, shells on the beach, floating logs, rocks, boating motors, sailboats in the distance, swimmers, colorful umbrellas, vehicles passing behind them, people all over the beach, vehicles backed up to the water with chairs all around for a comfortable visit, and so much more. I'm sure you could just imagine how all these pup's senses were exciting them beyond imagination. Being as friendly as they are, many folks who walked by on the shores came to visit and pet them for a bit, and our pups lapped it all up. Loved it in fact! Not like our other dog in years passed, these gals are water dogs for sure.

Energies are depleted as I type this blog up, for both the dogs and the children. All are having a siesta to rest their weary worn out bodies, from sun and fun at the beach today.