Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Riding in the country

My riding partner and I

Off for a ride to get our mail, my little trooper here is very fit, keeps a steady pace, riding just in front of me doing very well in fact at the distance riding.

There ought to be a new law passed allowing those with "big hair" not to have a mandatory law, that of forcing a bike helmet to be plunked onto their mane (like mine!), jamming and tucking all inside for an instant and automatic heat wave to surge to the brain, wanting the individual to scream and shout. I hate head gear as I've blogged about before! But, as per practising what I preach to the children, to my credit, note the helmet I have to swallow my pride on and wear gracefully, each and every time I venture out on my wheels.

The older daughter exclaimed she wasn't eager to ride with me much anymore, unless she could have a head start because she says I move rather quickly for her. It's not my fault though, as I attempted to give a helpful hint and explain about her limbs growing longer, and quite simply, the riding would be more pleasant if she just raised her seat a bit higher to accomodate the growth, and clicked her gear up to a higher level to coast a larger length with each motion of the peddling.

She's s country gal, now trying on cowgirl hats!

My, the growth of the summer months is most notable when a child begins slipping into a pair of slacks with its length only dipping down to just above their ankles for a out of fashion "flood look". Instead of tossing them into the donation box, they've begun to roll the bottoms up to the knee. Now that's a fashion I like saving me from having to shop for fall already. Honestly, this is number six I now have to depart from denial and admit I look up to her now. Sheesh! Now to find my wrench and get that seat raised higher!