Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sands of time

The sands of time!

As this is a perfect looking sand trap area for golfers to practice their swing at the golf course, for them too, it takes "time" to make things happen "on purpose". For us, we are taking time "on purpose" after work and chores these days, to discover over and over again, a most amazing tranquility and the sheer simplicity of playtime with God's creation all around us.

Everywhere I go lately, there are slogans and advertisements stating summer is almost over, rumors of course and greatly exaggerated. What a falacy! Summer, the season, ends September 22; summer, the event, ends on Labor Day, which is, at this writing, four days away. Truly, we must take some time to enjoy the season's parting gifts;

Take a long walk.

Throw rocks in the lake.

Drive with all of the windows down.

Sing along with the car radio. Even (perhaps, especially) at stoplights.


Get up one hour earlier, bundle up and sit outside with a hot cuppa something.


Sleep in tomorrow morning.

Get out and wash the car.

Swim. One last time. They close the outdoor pools soon. Beaches though are always open.

Eat cherry or grape tomatoes. Whole. POP! SQUISH!

Let the kids push you on the swing.

Learn something.


Dance to your own music. Stop eyeing the room to see what everyone else is doing. Just move.

Breathe deeply.

Be thankful for your very life.

Turning your face to the sun and closing your eyes to feel its warmth.

Stop thinking about living, planning it to the minutest detail, scheduling it, listing it, comparing to-do lists with any who will listen.

Just get on with the living.

Our kind of sand...

Sinking in the sand

Splashing in the sand

Admiring the lovely sand

Taking a foot massage in the soft sand

Building in the sand

Stopping to spend time in the sand

Playing in the sand

Getting rolled about by waves in the sand

Throwing wet sand