Monday, August 14, 2006

Queen Anne's Lace

Wild things, but oh so delicate and lovely!

Queen Anne's Lace is the identified name for this wild flower, also known as "wild carrot"as it was introduced by Europe and our carrots used to be cultivated from this plant.

It's best known for it's lacey and delicate flowers, grows up to four feet tall, and its leaves are whispy green fern like. The thing with this perineal though, is it doubles itself and spreads all over the place. We've noticed it along farm fences, in ditches, almost everywhere here, but still although we'd think it a pesky weed at times, it is very beautiful and lovely.

I've found both white and pink flowers blooming in the yard, some in the center of the grass even. It will grow almost anywhere, with or without water, loved by caterpillars, swallow tail butterflies and birds for it's buds.