Tuesday, June 17, 2008

At the water's edge....again

Hanging around at the water

The intense heat wave, scary storms and nightly tropical rains falling on the rooftop, have all been contributing factors to a growing afternoon fatigue for everyone here this past week.

It's not so much that everyone has had difficulty sleeping, but the parents have had issues with the tornado warnings and nightly "star wars" in the sky. We began teasing one another about having to get into a habit of making popcorn nightly to accompany the spectacular lightning show in the skies overhead, physically changing from room to room and acquiring "good seats" as the storm passes overhead.

We've turned off all the lights inside and pretended we were at a movie together, watching, and giving our opinions on the ferocity of the bolts being tossed around overhead.

Little ones have been excited for the most part, though a few became fearful once the roaring thunder boomed directly overhead when a few of the storms became (literally) questionable and the skies became very scary.

I'm certain we've no doubt made an abundance of memories thus far during our visit together, though nine days later, nightly star wars are quickly becoming tiresome. We would like a good night's sleep here, and tonight has been chosen as the night for most! I might be the exception as I'm finding the perfect opportunity to blog with the quiet in the house at this later hour...smile.

We really needed to get back to the water's edge with the children again, to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the entire water scene when recovery mode was necessary from all the canned air inside the home with the air conditioning unit blaring out of necessity.

For our visiting family, they couldn't have a more perfect week with tropical weather climate and ensuing gorgeous landscape to revel in, so naturally taking a stroll along the beach was welcomed this day.

The little ones were so excited about our excursion, and predicted outbreaks of squeal laughter were delightful to witness. As little ones pitter-pattered along the sandy shores, I was able to enjoy the view before me. Our own little ones were thrilled to share their water's edge with their nieces and nephew, and games of treasure hunting and shell collecting naturally followed a fun dip in the water.

Just when the children were really getting into it, we were concerned about packing up and heading home, just in time for another storm to creep in...

Nine days of storms and counting...