Monday, June 09, 2008

Severe storm warnings

Severe storm warnings

The night of the first storm when lightning hit the tree

When the temperature on the thermometer soars to sudden elevations creating hot and muggy highs, it becomes a lung disease sufferer’s worst nightmare.

Normally we aren’t heavily burdened by such thick overheated air until August at best, and merely for a few days around here. However, the sudden influx of hot weather has promoted due caution when watching someone suffer so much, merely trying to do what we all take for granted - sucking back one simple solitary breath of air, something so easy for most of us.

Between having our air conditioning unit humming 24/7 in our home the past two days and fighting to keep cool from the hundred degree plus weather (heat and humidex factor), having the air conditioning in a vehicle running while traveling, and the air conditioning in a work office environment, most people would think all should be well for those suffering from breathing issues. Not so.

One still has to get from point A to point B somehow, and that is when the ground falls out for those who depend on a simple breath of air, or when just a few footsteps ahead imminently becomes a mammoth marathon effort due to humid heat outdoors. This is what happens to my husband when unusual heat and humidity knock at our door, and believe me, it’s all been so very unexpected here and not something of a usual timing during the later spring season.

I’m finding it difficult to feel so very helpless today, watching my husband concentrate so much on each intake breath of air, puffer in hand when necessary, and not be able to offer any possible way to assist him. This is one of those mental and emotionally difficult weekends when I wonder how he copes, or how he remains so very cheerful amidst his trials.

If you live in the west, let me tell you - It’s been so HOT and humid outdoors, the air conditioning cooler temperatures inside the house are definitely where it’s at. Along with the high temperatures, storms have been ravaging the area like nothing even the locals can remember before. Tornadoes have become all too familiar the past few days, and funnel clouds have been reported all over the eastern region. Red alert warnings have surfaced this weekend in the news media, warning everyone near and far of severe (!) thunder storms and tornado possibilities. So far, we’ve not had such warnings while living here in the east, most definitely something else for all of us to take note of.

Three sons at the driving range, two would
later be trapped by a storm while golfing

The timing of it all is just plain ridiculous, just when our son and his family have arrived for a well deserved vacation time with us. Actually, they think it’s great to see such stormy weather, even when this son and another were trapped at the local golf course last night during crazy hundred km/hour winds and torrential rain, all accompanied by tornado weather. To them, it was an inconvenience, but when the golf course granted them free passes to golf another day, and they realized how severe that storm really was later on when the news reports indicated tornadoes actually touching down around here, they became more solemn.

Tornado weather beginnings yesterday..

Today, everyone is making an attempt to remain cool and not think about more tornadoes approaching. The children have learned much about forecasted severe weather reports and what to do in the event they are not near the house for shelter, so overall it’s been a learning curve for everyone, even the adults.

As I type this writing up, I see another storm is beginning to roll in. A bit of a breeze has just kicked up. We’re all watching the skies and trying to remain vigilant.

We’ll be heading to the airport soon so my husband can fly off on business, and I’m saying extra prayers right now he can avoid the impending storm tonight for a safe flight.